ADV-TECH – Innovation by design

ADV-TECH understands that the security of customer infrastructure is essential
and has designed the center centre with these requirements in mind.
In addition to the risk mitigation provided by its secure location, all physical and electronic
security at the site is managed and controlled by ADV-TECH.


This includes 24-hour on-site monitored security, with 24-hour access is provided
to the facility via two-factor authentication using a combination of biometrics, swipe card, and pin.
High-quality progressive scan sensors and advanced image processing.
These features provide clear images even in areas of poor visibility.


Committed to robustness, density, supporting services, fire detection and built with staging rooms,
the ADV-TECH DC provides an industry-leading level of service and customer experience.

100% GRID lock
2 Step Oauth
Card Access
Code/PEN tested


Security is number one

The cameras are securely networked providing customers peace of mind knowing
their racks and equipment are always being recorded across a private connection.
All lighting within the data center is automatically controlled via sensors, allowing the
center to illuminate any areas where motion is detected.

Robustness & Density

The AUC.JPN DC is designed to ensure the continuous operation of critical IT systems. This redundancy is ensured even though prolonged outages, and also includes the ability to shutdown key infrastructure for concurrent maintainability without affecting normal operation. In the optimally efficient and robust AUC.JPN DC environment, customers can exploit high density technologies, including blade servers and storage arrays.

Staging Rooms

Dedicated individual rooms

Key to the installation and management of customer equipment are the
purpose-built staging areas. These staging areas are dedicated individual rooms provided per
customer rollout for equipment setup, disaster recovery or office facilities.

Scale your operation
100% Secure