Adv-Tech is a sales partner of ExaScaler Inc. We have been working with ExaScaler Inc, Tokyo office to help represent their amazing full immersion liquid-cooled supercomputer for artificial intelligence and deep learning. One of the core factors that glowed brightly was their eagerness to see ExaScaler Inc, grow internationally via our network.  So with many thanks to the team at ExaScaler Inc, Tokyo office and Adv-Tech Holdings Pte. Ltd we look forward to a much stronger bright future in our partnership which is born out of respect for our clients.  If you would like the further information here is a small snapshot.


1) The development, the production and the selling of the high-efficiency submersion liquid cooling machine and the relevant system.


2) The development, the production and the selling of the supercomputing system by the originally designed submersion liquid cooling method.


3) The development, the production and the selling of the computing system by the original submersion liquid cooling method.


4) The development, the production, and the selling of the system board, the accelerator’s board, and the relevant products specialized for the submersion liquid.


5) The entrusted development of the supercomputing, HPC system, and the cooling system for data centers.




January 2014.
Started the preparations for the company start-up for the purpose of the establishment and the development specialized for the new submersion liquid cooling technique, then implemented the basic experiments.By March 2014, we established an epoch-making cooling technique.


April 2014.
Commenced the operations as a corporation with 9 employees.


July 2014.
Embarked upon the development of the highly efficient submersion liquid cooling system which has a good chance of being ranked as a top for the Green500* contest, followed by an acquisition of the promising results of the feasibility experiments of the cooling system.


August 2014.
Completed the basic patent application for the revolutionary submersion liquid cooling machine ‘ExaScaler-1’.


August 2014.
The computational science center of the Inter-University Research Institute Corporation ‘High Energy Accelerator Research Organization’ and ExaScaler concluded the collaborative research contract.


October 2014.
The science information division of the Department of Science, the University of Tokyo and ExaScaler concluded the collaborative research contract.