ADV-TECH – Innovation by design

ADV-TECH Data centres exciting new benchmark in the area of power efficiency
by providing large and small enterprises, as well as government departments, with options
to reduce both their power wastage and energy footprint.



The ADV-TECH DC has been strategically designed to reduce power consumption and
energy costs through innovation in building technology and design.
Energy efficiency is measured using the power usage effectiveness PUE benchmark, also ADV-TECH
supercomputer liquid cooled. The PUE is a widely accepted efficiency standard which
has been developed by The Green Grid, a global consortium of leading information technology companies
that are striving to improve energy efficiency in data centers.



By using the energy efficiency design framework outlined by Green Grid,
we have been able to pinpoint where energy improvements can be made.
Power resources are more effectively managed and allocated within the
ADV-TECH DC and, as a result, this reduces power consumption.

Green Power
Low Watts
Green Plant
Recycling Energy

Industry Leading PUE Rating

Reducing Carbon footprints

The ADV-TECH DC has been designed to be able to achieve a PUE
rating that places the ADV-TECH DC as one of the most energy-efficient in Japan.

Liquid Cooled

Incorporation of liquid Cooling system significantly decreases cooling system energy consumption from a typical utilisation of 92% or greater to an economy utilisation of 70%

Thermal Insulation

Supercooled systems

The ADV-TECH DC has been finished externally with a unique thermal barrier paneling system.
Creating an air pocket from the sun which reduces thermal load and therefore increased
cooling efficiency. Also being located in the North of Japan helps keep our data centers cool.

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