Adv-Tech*, ZettaHash, Exascaler

Adv-Tech*, ZettaHash, Exascaler

Working to bring Supercomputers to your home or SMB, and SME.

They are followed by the DGX SaturnV Volta system in the US; the Summit system in the US, the TSUBAME 3.0 system, AIST AI Cloud system, the AI Bridging Cloud Infrastructure (ABCI) system, all from Japan; the new IBM MareNostrum P9 cluster in Spain;  the DOE’s Summit system; and Wilkes-2, from the UK. All of these systems use various NVIDIA GPUs.

The most energy-efficient supercomputer that doesn’t rely on accelerators of any kind is the Sunway TaihuLight, which is powered exclusively by ShenWei processors. Its 6.05 gigaflops/watt earned it the 22nd place on the Green500 list.


More coming soon.

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