HASH-XMR-03 “SsuperBrick”

The world’s highest efficiency and density mining system realized by “Brick” original system board developed on the premise of immersion cooling technology and immersion tank “Tank” for immersion cooling.

HASH-XMR-03 Brick equipped with 48 GPU Model

HASH-XMR-03 Tank storing 24 Bricks – or 32 Chips per brick

Performance of 5.12 – 8.1 – 12.5 PetaHash in 1 immersion tank ofHASH-XMR Tank, exceeding 1 ExaHash in 200 immersion tank (equivalent to 1/6 of total hash rate)

HASH-XMR Tank, a revolutionary mining tank that can be installed in the metropolitan area and renewing all the common sense of the mining center so far, can be launched in a short period of time.


Why not Mine at Home or Office

Ensure adequate profitability even in areas with the highest electricity cost in the world Can operate a mining center even in existing buildings in downtown, and around the CBD of any city. Stability of network connection and maintainability are the best we have ever designed, a leap forward in technology. The great advantage over long-term stable operation and security a first for home mining. Existing mining computer has been designed and built to only take 1 cubic meter of space. Super silent, you would not even know the computer was running


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