HASH-XMR-02 will have our new Mining Chip.

The world’s first “7nm process” large-scale mining chip “HASH-XMR-02” compatible overwhelming processing performance and low power consumption

Mining chips that are 400 square mm the largest in the history (30x faster than competitors)

The world’s highest “SHA 256” hash computing performance of 10TH/s

Power consumption 250W, world’s highest power efficiency of 0.03WGH – 1600KW per Supercomputer

Compared with competing chips, 100x faster calculation performance and 3 times or more power consumption performance (power consumption still has ample room for improvement.)


Our Mining Chip

Now in Japan, the number of groups that can join semiconductor development with the cutting-edge process is limited to 5 or fewer companies. So now it is highly feasible for us to build a unique system where we can complete the development the fastest.

1 HASH-XMR-02 Chip offers the performance of 10 TH/s class, which is almost equivalent to that of industry standard competitors, with a volume of 1/45 and power consumption of 1/4, and a silent windless operating environment by “immersion cooling” and long-term stable operation of the system.

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