Welcome to ADV Technology

ADV-TECH a Japanese innovation company founded in the city centre of Tokyo, Japan. Over the last combined 52 years, our core founding partners have been engineering and designing a wave of new technology that is leading companies supercomputers needs today. One of latest technology the team has produced the MetaHash supercomputer that runs at *5.1 – 8.1 PetaFlops. This processing power combined with the world’s lowest energy usage of *300W per chip is a huge advance in supercomputing smashing all records know.

*(Each Phi processor is capable of more than a teraflop of speed, or one trillion floating point operations per second. A petaflop is 1,000 teraflops, or one quadrillion floating-point operations per second. An exascale system is 1,000 petaflops.)

*5.1 – 8.1 PetaFlop benchmark – in japan installation
*5.1 – 8.1 PetaFlop with fresh company install (30-60 days for configuration)
*300W per-chip on our machines running at 60% capacity

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